We know that no business or customer is alike. And we take pride in giving that personal service you just can’t find in a catalog or large chain store.

From a basic Return Address Stamp to the most complicated broach form; from a Notary stamp to a Signature; from a Professional Engineer stamp to your check endorsement: from designing custom detail to shooting your own artwork, we at California Marking Device are ready to meet your diverse an specific needs.

Traditional Stamps are far from the traditional handle mounted stamp your grandfather used. By using varying materials, the same process can create anything from a wax seal to a ceramic tile mold.

Self-inking and Pre-inked stamps have become the workhorse of the industry. No stamp pads mean cleanliness and convenience. We offer a variety of sizes, colors and styles.

Daters and alpha-numeric stamps can be ordered either self-inking or not depending on your application.

Many applications call for special inks. From non-toxic, child friendly inks to industrial formulations designed for photos or glass, we carry the ink that will adhere to whatever surface you’re working with.